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For project related enquiries email at info at papiahajra dot com or call +91-8826350555, Located in C.R. Park, New Delhi, INDIA

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Travel HealthNurse- Dubai, UAE
M3d-Online - Dubai, UAE
Mandorla - Dubai, UAE
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Dubai Cosmetic Surgery- Dubai, UAE
Saffron Spirit - UK
Petwatch - UAE - New York, USA
(this site is blocked in UAE i dont know why but it is !!)
Flaretot - UK
Desertwivesclub - Dubai, UAE
Trinayan - New York, USA
Max India - India
Condo Protego - Dubai, UAE
Max Ateev - India
Mitali - London,UK
PAUSA - Chicago, USA
Paws at Home - Ajman, UAE
Secure Mortgage - Houston, TX, USA
Shah Software - Midland, TX, USA
RS Photoart - Woodland, TX, USA
DAYA; Houston, TX, USA
Dance- UK
SpinAYarn - USA
Enery Edge Tech; Houston, TX, USA
Michele Wambaugh ; Houston, TX, USA
Tulleeho; India
Car Dealer Network
IAA Houston - Houston, TX, USA
WOW Internet - USA


All the categories are listed on the left to navigate through.

Projects are undertaken in individual categories, as well as package deals, eg. corporate identity, media promotions, marketing strategies, etc.

Whatever your mode of business , we can always work out solutions that fit your style and budget.

Turnkey projects are also undertaken, where you are handed over a finished product without having to deal with publishing agencies. Other than design fee, the quotes will be given as actuals. I will mediate the logistics for you at an extra fee.

If the kind of project you have does not fit in the categories on the left, drop me a line and I will be happy to discuss it with you.